Insurance as a Service

Briefly about the case

The API Collective helped an international insurer in making their APIs ready for use outside of the organization.

The full story

Client scenario

A leading international European insurer knew how to make APIs for internal use but needed help with making them ready and usable outside the organisation. The digital product management team wanted to grow awareness of the market’s expectations and provide new methods and tools to address them. At the same time, there was a need to raise internal understanding and adoption of developers-as-customers and opportunities in their market.

Our engagement

We ran a series of design and execution sprints to:

  • Review and redesign the early existing digital products
  • Establish persona-led designs based on a new developer experience (DX)
  • Provide reusable methods and frameworks for ongoing DX design and execution
  • Inform and influence stakeholders from across technical, sales and marketing, and leadership teams

Lessons learned

Digital products (APIs-as-products) need different tools and a fresh way of thinking from traditional marketing strategies and product designs. There are limits to how much can be designed up front: involving customers in the design process early is critical for the design. Educating internal API champions is key for success and adoption.